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The future is video.

Are you in?

More and more brands are turning to branded videos to cut through the noise. Which makes it challenging for some brands to stand out in a crowd.


But not for our brands!

When you partner with us...

You get irresistibly compelling content that engages your audience and sets your brand apart. 

Our clients inspire us

How can stop motion supercharge your brand?

Whether it’s social media strategy, email marketing, Amazon listings or your website, stop motion tells your story in a refreshingly fabulous way.

Here’s how stop motion makes your brand shine

Capture (and hold) attention

You have less than 3 seconds to capture your viewers attention, make every one count. Stop motion adds the element of surprise with eye-catching animation that brings inanimate objects to life. Stop every viewer in their tracks…or should I say, scroll.

You already know that you need to “stop the scroll”

Grab attention, increase engagement, and create algorithm-favored content that thrives on multiple platforms with oh-so-versatile stop motion.


 Perfect content for:

Instagram reels 
Facebook ads



Email marketing

Amazon listings
YouTube ads

veg it out bayla haskel

"Every shot, image, and stop motion I got from her are all spot on and gorgeous."

"I love working with Rosa! Her easy going personality makes the entire process amazing! Plus, she is crazy talented, every shot, image, and stop motion I get from her are all spot on and gorgeous. When I use her videos (all over my social media, website and email marketing) I get incredible feedback and more importantly sales that are linked directly to those posts. Even though we’re not a large company the investment is worth it because the ROI is so clear!"

- Bayla Haskel, Founder and CEO

Veg It Out

Ready to Make Magic?

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