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I love magic 

One day, I discovered stop motion and I immediately fell in love with its spellbinding power.

Stop motion video lets viewers get lost in a visual story.

Your story. 

I want to help you capture your product and share it with the world in a magical way.

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Hey you!

I’m Rosa. Mom of 5. French Fry Connoisseur.

And creator of incredible stop motion videos.

I’m fascinated by the magic of movement and storytelling. I love helping brands share their story with spellbinding content.

I combine creativity, meticulous attention to detail and passion to bring your brand to life.

Get to know me better

Let's Play

Two Truths and a lie: Guess the lie and hover to find out if you're right!

My tamagotchi is still alive.


I went to school to become a pastry chef.


I love reading and finish one book every weekend.


The future is video. Are you in?

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